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Hypertension Homeopathy Treatment in Pune

Dr. Aparna Virkar is a renowned homeopathic specialist in Pune who specializes in Hypertension Homeopathy Treatment in Pune. She graduated with honors from Bangalore University with a doctorate in homeopathy. She has over a decade of expertise and knowledge under her belt. Dr. Aparna Virkar has a plethora of knowledge and expertise from her 12 years of liver homeopathic treatment in Pune. She employs the most cutting-edge German homeopathic treatment techniques available. Dr. Aparna Virkar is a seasoned homeopathic physician who believes in working closely with her patients to maintain and improve their health.

What is Hypertension?

High Blood Pressure is Hypertension. It is the condition where long-term force of the blood against the artery wall is high enough to eventually cause health problems. Hypertension may cause heart disease.


The most common symptoms are:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Severe headache
  • Severe anxiety
  • Nosebleed
  • The feeling of pulsation in the neck or head
Hypertension homeopathy treatment in Pune-Dr. Aparna Virkar


The exact cause for Hypertension is not known, but the stated reasons can be the cause for it.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Poor diet
  • High Stress
  • Smoking
  • High salt intake
  • Diabetes
  • Age(above 50)
  • Kidney problems
  • Thyroid/Adrenal gland problem
  • Overweight
  • Family history

What is normal Blood Pressure?

The normal blood pressure range for Systolic is less than 120 and for Diastolic is less than 80 whereas, elevated systolic pressure of 120-129 and diastolic pressure is less than 80 mmHg.


For Stage 1 Hypertension:

Systolic Pressure à 130-139 mmHg or Diastolic Pressureà 80-89 mmHg

For Stage 2 Hypertension:

Systolic Pressure à>140 mmHg or Diastolic Pressureà>90 mmHg

What are systolic and diastolic readings of blood pressure?

A systolic reading is referred to the pressure in the arteries when the heart muscle contracts whereas; Diastolic reading corresponds to the phase when the heart relaxes in between the beats.

What Health problems are associated with Hypertension?

Several severe health conditions are linked with Hypertension such as,

Atherosclerosis (disease of arteries), Heart disease, Kidney disease, Stroke, Eye disease.

Are homeopathic remedies effective for Hypertension?

Yes, the homeopathic system has good scope in managing high blood pressure. Homeopathic medicines are more effective with those who have recently been diagnosed with hypertension and are not yet dependent on any other regular medication to control it.